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  1. The quick overview of the training to what my son is learning in SST is definately great.
    The students helper are really helpful in taking us through the entire session.
    I learnt about the ICT Talent Development Program

  2. 3 New Things - Use of Interactive Google Document & Presentation & AirDrop in classroom.
    2 Things You Like - Helpfulness and confidence of students
    1 Suggestion - Use of ICT in Chinese lessons?

  3. I have learnt to use macbook using new sites provided by the school.
    I thought teachers will be doing the presentation and I am impressed that the students did a great job.

  4. The three things I have learnt are:
    1) Google+ (Techbites @ SST and Parents Engagement)
    2) Airdrop
    3) How to use simple features of iMac

    The two things I like about is the sharing about the TDP as well as the various links to get parents connected to the SST platform.

    I suggest for SST to hold a workshop for parents to learn the various software used during their ICT lessons so parents can have more subjects to connect with their children.

  5. 3 new things
    1. Learn how to use airdrop
    2. information on googlesite
    3. various platform used in SST

    2 things I like
    - the use of airdrop to share information
    - creating slides

    Session is great for parents information

  6. I have learnt how to use Airdrop, Google+ & SST website.
    Students are very helpful.
    It has widen my knowledge.